Monday, March 28, 2011

Josh and Caleb Chapter 4: The Return, Episode 01

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Director's Commentary: All of "Chapter 4: The Return" was colored while working the summer as staff pastor at Greenbay Bible Camp in Westbank, BC during the summer of 2002. I can't recall if the line art was already produced before I went out, or if I worked on it while I was there, but the completion of so many strips over a two-month period is due largely to the encouragement and support of Nathan "Monkey" Thomas, who allowed me to steal time at his desk and use his Intuos tablet to colour the strips. Nathan is now an animator out on the West Coast who was working media at Greenbay that summer. He was a strong motivator for me, and spurred me on to create better jokes as well. Accordingly, I'm dedicating Chapter Four to Nathan.

This page is definitely inspired by Dave Sim of Cerebus fame yet again. I loved the use of many quasi-anonymous speech balloons in his crowd shots during the Church and State issues of Cerebus, and loved using that technique with the wandering Israelites, whose bitching and moaning during the journey to Canaan takes on comedic proportions even in the Pentateuch.

I can't recall why I decided this all had to happen at night, but it turned out to be a very smart choice in the next chapter, as the night provided the perfect contrast to what invades the night. It certainly wasn't intentional, and by the time I was done the summer, I was pretty sick of my smurfy Israelites.

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