Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The end of Gotthammer.com

After nearly a decade, I pulled my hosting of gotthammer.com with domainsatcost.ca down today. The site got some sort of bug, and was coming up with virus blockers with alarming regularity. It's likely no reflection on domainsatcost.ca - they were a great provider. I rarely had problems with my site. But I haven't done anything with the hosted site in well over a year, and everything I do online I do through blogs now. You can still type "gotthammer.com" in - I'm keeping the domain name. That one is MINE! But you'll just come here.

There were a lot of elements of gotthammer.com which people might miss - the images, the webcomic, the reviews. I promise I'll archive those elements here at the blog over the next year. That will allow me to comment on a posted image, and talk about the process I underwent drawing it. As a farewell to the site, I'm posting the original Gotthammer header. This is what you'd have seen if you came by the site for about five years solid. It was my first design, and I still love it like crazy. I don't think I'll keep it up forever, but I'm feeling terribly nostalgic, what with giving up the hosting.

Thanks to everyone who still comes by to see what I'm writing about. Most of my time is spent at the Steampunk Scholar blog these days, simply because I've vowed to focus on my schoolwork until the PhD is finished. So I can't give this blog as much attention. All the same, I'll still be posting, as evidenced by my contributions to the Ooze's Viral Bloggers group - the reviews of Ehrman and McColman's books are part of that. And I'll still be plodding on through Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, since apparently the September release will not be the final installment.