Friday, March 25, 2011

Josh and Caleb Chapter 03: It's All Who You Know, Episode 03

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Director's Commentary: Again, I want to state very clearly that I was viewing the writing of this series as though Josh and Caleb were a D&D Warrior and Rogue/Ranger. To equate what I'm doing here with the current situation in the Middle East would be to miss the point, akin to history buffs who cited all of Zakk Synder's errors in filming 300. Frank Miller's 300 is not history - it is a historical moment recast in the tradition of the sword and sandal heroic epic. I think the real-world implications of a moment like this is far more complex than shown here. I find it unlikely that everyone in the land of Canaan was evil. But in the context of any theophany, there are sides taken and positions drawn up. I'd be less black and white in the delivery of such ideas today.
And let's face it, it would spoil the joke here, which is that Josh and Caleb have been discussing how Adonai is caring for them while unbeknown to them, that very thing is taking place.
People who know campfire call response games may also recognize the inside evangelical joke of the onomatopoeia in the third panel: "I said a Boom Chikka Boom!"

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