Friday, March 18, 2011

Josh and Caleb Chapter 2: Spies in the Land Episode 02


DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARY: I think I've complained about my approach to colour enough - you get the idea. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite pages in the whole series. I drew it while sitting in a session at a Teacher's Convention, bored out of my tree. I love the grape gag, and was very happy with how the colour approach works in the fruit explosion. This is also one of the few pages where you get a good look at Caleb's quiver, which says in a pseudo-Hebrew font, "Ass-kicker." I don't think I kept that up for later episodes, but I'd clearly adopted some sort of colour chart, as the colour of Caleb's top-knot holder is consistent. Sadly, its location in the last two panels, isn't.

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