Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Josh and Caleb Chapter 03: It's All Who You Know, Episode 01


DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARY: In terms of chapters, this one is my favorite. It's concise, and has a good Loony-Toons style visual gag. If I consider the ideas contained in it in a real-world geo-political sense, I find it troubling, but at the time of writing, I wasn't making those considerations. Again, I was treating the story of Josh and Caleb a bit like a D&D campaign, not as commentary on the current situation in the Middle East. A note of trivia: the chapter title, "It's All Who You Know," is not only a reference to the cliche, but I'm guessing it was also a reflection of what I was listening to at the time. The Newsboys had a song called "It's All Who You Know" on what remains my favorite release by them, Take Me to Your Leader.

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