Thursday, March 17, 2011

Josh and Caleb Chapter 2: Spies in the Land Episode 01


Director's Commentary: I was definitely inspired by Dave Sim's approach to panels and progression in Cerebus here. Clearly, they've descended from that precipice we last saw them on. Somehow, in my brain, the Promised Land is just a climbing maneuver away.
The whole no-talent ass clown reference was a real risk at the time: at the time, my resume was useless outside church circles. I've have that corroborated by an HR manager. My multimedia developer's certificate didn't help either: the dot com industry was hurting, and there weren't many good entry level jobs in media at this time in Edmonton. So I knew I'd be applying for church jobs again at some point. While I was aware of this, I chafed at it. Putting this sort of humor into a story taken from the Bible was me working out my irreverent reverence, being simultaneously still very tied to my faith, while wanting to distance myself from most expressions of it. The Gathering was comfortable with such an approach, but it would haunt me later when I came up dry in my job search later that year.
Nevertheless, it's one of my favorite jokes, and will receive further mileage later in the series.
A note on the art: the line art was a lot better on paper, but I was toying with using the "blur" tool over the line art to make it look more painterly. It doesn't work well with the cartoon approach though, nor does my overwrought use of shadow and highlight. It looks crazy. I wouldn't colour this way again. That said, the grapes look fantastic, and I like the blurred background to imply distance.

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