Friday, May 04, 2007

A sigh of relief

I handed in the last paper of my M.A. coursework today. While I was walking through the virtually empty University campus, my thoughts went back four years to my first courses at the University; not the education ones, but the beginning of my journey towards graduate studies. And what a long and arduous journey it has been. This is the first time in four years I haven't been going into a spring session. Four years ago I took the first class toward getting into graduate studies at the University. Each year I took 2-3 classes per semester, every semester excluding summer.

When I finally got into graduate studies last fall, I was required to go full time. This past year has felt like 2 years as a result. I was shocked to think that last year at this time I was going into my last two undergraduate courses in a spring session. And now, a year later, I only have my thesis left to write.

I'm taking May off from working on school, at least actively. I'm sure I'll be thinking about my thesis, but I need to just take a break. I wrote 60 pages of research papers in the past three weeks. All I want to do for a while is read what I really want, watch some movies, go for walks with my family, take Gunnar for bike rides, and lay in the hammock. I want to get yardwork done, update my photo essays here at the blog, and catch up on Magik Beans. I want to finally play the expansion I got for Arkham Horror from Jenica at Christmas. I want to read the Bible, do some meditating, listen for God.

I'm taking a break dammit.

**breathes sigh of relief**


  1. congrats! you deserve a break for sure.

  2. So you just have to wait for a bit and then you are graduated? And write a thesis I guess. Those are easy enough eh?
    We have killer bunnies too, you know. It is at least as fun as Arkham Horror.