Thursday, May 10, 2007

Magik Beans Episodes 15 & 16

Missing the past two weeks of Magik Beans really irked me. So I posted on Monday AND Thursday this week and will do the same next week to get caught up. There's too much story to tell before the summer ends, and this fall starts a new storyline. My apologies to everyone for missing the updates, but finishing the semester was all-consuming.

Here are the previews with links.

Episode 15: Here's the Easter Bunny, Hooray!

Eostre looked down at the thing on her shoulder, and turned into the light. Lara gasped. The creature reminded her of an armadillo, with the series of ivory colored plates all along it's round body, but it was nearly spherical, aside from a bloody bony fin jutting from the top of it's back.

Episode 16: To Grandmother's House We Go

Wherever they were, it wasn't the North Pole. The air was warm, like the best summer's nights when it's just warm enough to be out without a coat, and cool enough that you need to wear something longer than shorts. There was a slight wind blowing, and he could hear leaves and boughs rustling and swaying.

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