Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Magik Beans Episodes 13 and 14

Life is hectic enough that I can actually churn out the latest episodes of Magik Beans, but that I can't post about it here! For the noobs, Magik Beans is an ongoing online novel I'm writing, edit-free as a blog. The end goal is publication, probably self-publication. That version will be edited, but for those who enjoy the journey, and who want to be part of the creative process (because the reactions and comments of the readers have been giving me ideas!) you can come over and enjoy some freshly ground, well brewed Magik Beans.

Episode 13: Rotk├Ąppchen

Andrew's head jerked up to look into the leprechaun's grinning face. Coll brought up his automatic and took aim...

There was a sound that onomatopoeia might render as 'twang' 'tung' or 'the sound of a taut bowstring being loosened' (the last following the school of literal sound effects) followed by a sound that could be approximated as someone sticking an ice pick into an overripe watermelon, which caused Coll to jerk back, making noises that might remind one of a broken coffee percolator, your asthmatic uncle gargling mouthwash at six in the morning while you're still sleeping, or of someone choking in their own blood, which was actually the case.

Episode 14: Procrastinating

Her eyes darted about the garage for a formidable weapon for close up work. She decided on Rob's claw hammer. She seemed to remember Mel Gibson blocking a sword with a hammer in Braveheart. The hard metal and easy balance felt good in her hand, and she threw it and the rope and an old sleeping bag into a framepack. The framepack went without saying. Years of Dungeons and Dragons had taught her the merit of this. You need something to throw all your crap in. And a framepack would allow her to hang things on it as well. Like the LED lantern.

She also grabbed a coil of rope. If she couldn't have Elvish, bright yellow nylon would have to do. Sam Gamgee was no fool.

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