Monday, March 12, 2007

Photo Essay - Weekend in Jasper

Last week's photo essay (which was really just one only 1000 words) featured the snowy landscapes of Water Valley, Alberta. This past weekend Jenica's parents took the family on our annual trip to the mountains; the traditional destination the past three years has been Jasper, Alberta. Here's a few moments from the weekend:

Running down the streets in Jasper...

Will get you put in one of THESE:

Because you never know when you'll run into a bear.
And bears eat little boys. Or maybe the blonde one will eat the bear. He looks like he might.

A moment for the Thomas the Tank engine fanboys

And the obligatory family pic. Gunnar is practicing to be a teenager.


  1. I can only assume its Jasper...the cool thing was, the bear was plush and the bench was soft and fuzzy as well! Just outside the candy shop in Jasper. The boys loved him, and kept wanting to go back to visit. We drove by and waved at the bear on our way out of town.

  2. Gina Trapp8:34 PM

    Man, I can't believe Gunner is running! He's still just as cute!