Thursday, January 25, 2007

Magik Beans Episode 2 is up

It took some wrangling to get this week's episode out, because I was stupid enough to try typing it up in the blogger interface. And then didn't "save as draft" often enough and ended up rewriting nearly the whole thing.

But it's there now. Here's a preview:

He smiled with the amusement of knowing that in a few minutes he'd have a chance to grind up the ‘magic’ coffee beans and see what they tasted like. For some, drinking coffee that had been in the pocket of a man whose clothing smelled like raw sewage would be off-putting, but for Andrew, who had actually tried Kopi Luwak, a coffee made from beans which had actually passed through the digestive system of a catlike animal (and fondly referred to as "poop coffee" as a direct result), these were just another exotic bean.

Who knows? he mused, perhaps I'll stumble upon some new culinary adventure.

And what would you call this new elixir? his self asked him, its mental voice rife with sarcasm. Bum coffee? That would go great with the Kopi Luwak. Would you like your bum coffee with a shot of poop?

Hope you enjoy it!

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