Thursday, February 01, 2007

Magik Beans Episode 3 is now UP!

The saga continues...

“This might sound like a stupid question,” Andrew called out, “but what is my current predicament?”

Lara looked surprised by the question. “You don’t know where you are?”

His eyes focused on the fake hardwood linoleum Lara was standing on. “Well, I can see I’m in the shop…but beyond that…”

She was quiet for a moment. “I’m not sure how to word this. You are…in a tree.”

“A tree?” He moved fingers which had been, on threat of death from the lizard hind brain, up until that moment G.I. Joe Kung Fu Gripping the rough grooved texture of a tree limb’s bark.

“A very large tree.”

“How large?”

“Umm…well…it reaches the roof of the shop near as I can tell.”

“How high up would you say I am?”

“You remember where the balcony thingee used to be?”


For those of you with blogs and websites, I'd love it you'd post about the Magik Beans blog with a link...Tim Chesterton of TaleSpin did and I got a ridiculous amount of traffic from it.

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  1. Sweet. I'll go and check it out right now...

    Oh, BTW, The Hyperlink's URL is malformed (has an extra http right after the initial http://)


    Just thought you might want to know.