Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Gotthammer's Apologetic Part I: Comic Book Babes

The first concern I wish to address is the accusation that I draw too many pictures of women of a semi-boudoir nature. The truth is, I posted a lot of such pictures; as a teenager I was hesitant to draw the female figure. I did a lot of my artwork around my Christian friends, and trying to get good at the female figure in church circles doesn’t get you any dates (and if the ushers catch you doing it, you go straight to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200). Figure studies are often nudes, and these have been frowned upon in religious circles since Adam and Eve got their fig leaves (actually, only since the Puritans and other radical Protestants got crabby about images leading to idolatry, etc. There's a shit load of naked biblical characters in Renaissance art). I drew a lot of men in my teen years, and having achieved a decent handle on that, had moved on to females.

As a grown man, out from under the religious fishbowl, I’m not nearly as prudent, and so I’ve been working on drawing the female figure better since Gotthammer has been in existence. I mainly posted new artwork, not my ancient archives(Currently none of these images are up at the main Gotthammer site - but you can see them at the old Gotthammer site from before the purchase of the domain name).

The question is raised, “why aren’t they wearing more clothing?” It’s funny, I never get any emails about the shirtless Samson, or how Josh’s chest is always bare. No one complains that every one of the heroes in the comic and my artwork are all very well built, in that comic book fashion impossible for the average male to duplicate save jamming steroids into one's leg. My Rahab and Cinder sketches, in true comic form show ample cleavage. I see this as part of the genre. I know detractors would say I’m ‘causing people to stumble’ but I just can’t see that my pictures are the sort of thing that the porn addicts across the Net are downloading. I’m neither that good nor lewd an artist. I browse comic art forums; trust me, this site is pretty damn clean. Whoops, there I go again. Which brings us to the next apologetic: colorful vernacular.

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