Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Elvis has left the blogthing

Here's my blogthing of the week.

Your 1920's Name is:

Elvis Angus
What's Your 1920's Name?

I love the 20's in terms of style, the whole pulp noir thing that happened shortly after in the 30's...it's a romantic concept for me of course, but these sorts of things generally are. Just call me Elvis Angus. For anyone who loves pulp fiction, here's a link to Lester Dent's (author of Doc Savage) Pulp Master Fiction Plot.


  1. Nice to meet you Elvis, I'm Washington Blake.

  2. Well, when Elvis has returns to the building he can shake hands with Buddy Santiago. Maybe that makes me the husband of Carman? Who knows, but it's kind of fun.
    Just so you know, I've started blogging. So far, it's been a family thing but I've linked yours to mine. I hope that's cool. Good luck at all the camps this summer.