Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Josh and Caleb Chapter 5: Azra'il, Episode 01

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Director's Commentary: I pulled one of those "fast forward" narrative moments, to reveal that Josh had lived through the debacle I cliff-hung the last episode with, leaving Caleb's fate unstated. I don't think my motivation was being clever though: I was just sick of drawing the crowd, Igal, Moses, etc. I was itching to do something different, and was playing around with photo references, which I used to draw the first four and final panels. I used a photo background run through Photoshop filters for the final panel. I clearly went back to my burn and dodge approach, but it's more understated here. I think there was a month or two in between the last episode and this one, but I can't recall. What I remember is actually scripting this episode, then thumbnailing it, before finally drawing it rigorously at my drawing table, unlike the whole series to date, which had been drawn quickly on coffee breaks and stolen moments throughout the day. 

I hate that I called the chapter "Azra'il," which is the transliterated name of the angel of death in Arabic, since I'd later be referencing the Shekinah. It really should have been called Shekinah.

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