Friday, April 08, 2011

Josh and Caleb Chapter 4: The Return, Episode 10

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Director's Commentary: I think I should start calling this "midrash," the Jewish practice of reading between the lines of a sacred text. Or maybe that's what I'd call the whole series of this web-comic plus the Ezekiel comic Nathan Thomas and I did together, since neither is totally faithful to the original text.

I really like this page - it definitely raises the issues that started running around in my head as I was reading the Biblical passages associated with this narrative. "Everyone's been partying with a golden calf! Joshua, pick up your sword and kill everyone who was doing it and isn't sorry!" And Joshua obeyed. I'm pretty sure he had to kill some friends that day. One of the things I'd definitely change if I had the chance would be to give Josh a beard. I don't like that I've unilaterally drawn the "bad" guys with beards. Not a good policy when you're drawing a story taking place in the middle east, even if you're only viewing it as a mythic space. At the time, my thinking was to offset Josh and Caleb as being young men, even though they were in their 40s, according to the text.

The flashback image was drawn independently of the actual paneled art, and then combined in Photoshop when I colored it. There's a full-color image of it I'll post in the "DVD extras" when the series wraps up.

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