Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The New Harry Potter...

Okay, that was a shameless way to get people to read this. I can't apologize really. So while I know everyone is reading the new Harry Potter, I thought I'd let y'all know I've done 8 director's cut episodes for Magik Beans, and here are the links to them so far:

.01: Blackout - "If a picture is really worth a thousand words, most of the words in Andrew's current picture could be summed up by How the hell am I supposed to explain all this. Lara's picture could have had the caption, I'm not the one who let him in."
02: Chi with Your Chai - "Andrew kept waiting for someone to ask how the hell he'd grown a full sized tree in the middle of winter, or why the espresso machine was hanging from its branches, but aside from Blackout, no one seemed to want an answer for the mystery."
03: A Sense of Wonder Bra - "She looked back at Andrew, who was leaning over the counter, listening intently to the woman, who was leaning in a manner that had transformed her cleavage to the depth of a national monument."
04: Feeling Blue - "Andrew had been correct in thinking this would lead to “next base”. The kisses were no longer innocent, but involved tongues, which Andrew recalled might have been second base, or perhaps the point where the shortstop normally stands."
05: Worried-Den-Mother-Mode - "“We noticed the trails of power on our way in after the show,” she added. “The fact that there was residue from it means that the original source was quite potent.”"
06: Force Five From Above the Copy Shop - "“You seriously think there’s something mysterious going on here?” Ripper asked. “Andrew is a first class vanilla personality. He has nothing going for him. Sounds to me like he got himself a hooker with his newfound prosperity and is taking a few days to enjoy himself.”
07: A Series of Uncomfortable Silences - ""I'm checking on my boss at nearly midnight to see if the porn star he left work with the other day has slit his throat and taken all his money, what do you call normal?"
08: Cat Fight, Round One - "She had a glimpse of Andrew’s apartment, dim light spilling from a room off to the right of the entryway. The bedroom, she thought. But the smell that came from within hit her olfactory sense like someone had slapped her in the face with a handful of ####, wet animal, ammonia, and underneath it all, a distinct odor like chlorine."

Hope there are a few who will enjoy the marathon reading in the midst of a beautiful summer.

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