Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Bajoran with a chip on his shoulder

That's me. Ry Arlnan, brother to Ry Emeras, a recurring character on Pendant Productions' Star Trek Fan Show: Defiant. Pendant Productions produces original 'radio' dramas for the web. A while back, they had a casting call for their Batman show and I tried out for several new villains. I was cast as Maxie Zeus, a villain who thinks he's a Greek god. Then I tried out for Ry Emeras on Defiant, which has been a great deal more fun, and more challenging as well. I've been doing the lines for a few months now (actually only one per episode so far - I'm currently a "stardate" style epilogue, but I'm told the character is going to get more involved).

I always wanted to be a voice actor, and people have said I'd do well at it, but I'm focused on my Master's right now - trying to get into professional voice work would be one more distraction. But doing it for fun -- that's completely different. So, if you're interested, check out Episode 15 of Defiant over at Pendant Productions when it's released on August 3rd! The Batman episode I appear in will be out on August 15.

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