Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best of 2008

Best Books:
1. Baltimore by Mike Mignola and
2. The Terror by Dan Simmons
3. The Road by Cormac McCarthy
4. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
5. Fitzpatrick's War by Theodore Judson
6. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volumes I & II: Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill
6. Anil's Ghost by Michael Ondaatje
7. Cosmopolis by Don DeLilo
8. The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne
9. Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan
10. Mars Needs Moms! by Berkely Breathed

1. Dark Knight
2. Wall-E
3. Iron Man
4. Hellboy II
5. The Fountain
6. The Fall
7. Stardust
8. Cloverfield
9. Bolt
10. The Incredible Hulk

Save Me From Myself - Brian "Head" Welch
The Black Halo - Kamelot
XV - King's X
Lost Horizons - Abney Park

"Beautiful Things" - Andain
"Empty Walls" - Serj Tankian
"Welcome Home" - Coheed and Cambria
"Home" - Brian "Head" Welch
"Hold Me In Your Arms" - The Trews
"I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" - Scissor Sisters
"Pray" - King's X
"In This Twilight" - Nine Inch Nails
"Where We Are" - Neverending White Lights & Rob Dickinson
"Frei Zu Sein" - In Extremo

Nine Inch Nails - Edmonton, AB
King's X - Houston, TX
Seven Devil Fix, Edmonton, AB
Abney Park, Sunnyvale, CA

Dacy's birth
Convocation/Completing and Defending my M.A. thesis
California Steampunk Convention
Vacationing in Katy, TX in May

Let Downs
The number of movies I was looking forward to that got bumped to 2009: specifically, the new Harry Potter not being released at Christmas!
Having to stall on writing Magik Beans
Seeing "The Orphanage" and "The Mist"
The end of Seven Devil Fix
The end of the Gathering

Happy New Year everyone!

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