Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anonymous said...

The following is the sort of comment I'll just delete without apology in the future. Not because it's incredibly mean-spirited, but because it was anonymous. I figure if someone has the nerve to spout the shit this person did, they ought to own up to it. I'll also take a moment to respond here, since I haven't had a good rant in a while. I'm the italics.

So I just spent the last 10 minutes perusing your somewhat egotistical
(all blogs are egotistical by their very nature - only an egoist would assume other people want to read what they write. In addition to my egotism, I'd say the 876 visitors who came by this month seem to think I have something worth saying. It ain't millions, but then again, we egoists don't really need an audience)
always condescending (come on... you dont have a Phd, nor are you would resume not have sufficed... or does the image of a scholarly fantasy compel you to use curriculum vitae?)
(I don't think I'm always condescending. And when I am, I'm of the opinion I can afford to be, because I'm confident in my opinions and smart enough to back them up. No, I don't have a PhD...YET. I'll have an M.A. before the next 2 months are up though, and I'll add that to the two undergraduate degrees, multimedia certificate, and seminary coursework I hold. I'd ask you to produce your credentials, but I'm pretty sure you don't have any. And I believe people start calling it a c.v. when they've been published, or have multiple degrees, or start applying to work at colleges and universities instead of at McDonald's. And it's not limited to Europeans; my sister worked in HR for years, and referred to the 'resumes' she received as curriculum vitae - it's not just an ostentatious synonym for resume, it's a document citing everything you've done, including samples of your work. And isn't a scholarly fantasy if you're actually a scholar)
and forever self-aggrandizing (yes thats a big word...but I am sure you have a professor that will explain it to you)
(actually, self-aggrandizing is a hyphenated word. And as it turns out, I AM the professor who explains the words.)
Somethings never change,
(you mean some_things never change. And you're right. I'm firmly convinced that people have most of their hard-wiring in by the time they're 20. So I've been the way I am for a long time now. I'm just a heavier version of it.)
and Mike your still a tool
(you mean you're a tool. funny that you could make a snide remark using self-aggrandizing but not use proper grammar here)
...but lets
(let's...and if this makes you tremulous, just remember - you started it.)
keep it at the grandiose scale that your ego is obliged to accept...
(thank you, I appreciate the pandering to my inflated self image)
not just any tool... you're the Binford 5000 of tools
(A HOME IMPROVEMENTS reference? Nothing says classy like a Tim Allen quote. Nevertheless, I couldn't agree more. I believe I said that very thing in my self-aggrandizing Legend of Gotthammer).

(usually a postscript comes after a signature. You didn't sign this, so it's pointless to say it's a postscript)
how could you possibly claim to be a greater sinner then
the apostle paul (I distinctly recall reading you blabbering on about how sinful you were sometime back... didnt
(oh come on already! use a bloody apostrophe!!!)
know it was a pissing contest... but fortunately that too is forgiven)
(I wasn't aware it was a pissing contest either. And it isn't really arrogance to think you're more sinful than someone. If I'd said I was a greater evangelist than Paul, you might think of me as self-aggrandizing...oh already do.)


  1. Your web site and your blog can of course be as much as you like about yourself. You can do anything you like with it, and you don't have to let everyone else do what they want on your web space. These are facts that some have a problem to grasp. Like when people complained about Cory Doctorow advertising his own books on a blog he is co-editor of... Sigh.

    (And English is not my first language, so I have a reason for any errors in the above text ;)

  2. Jordan10:08 PM

    that was the literary equivalent of a National Geographic episode - a ruthlessly predatory author brings down the hapless anonymous, tears out the jugular and leaves the bloody hide to warn any passers-by.
    I am going to be nervous around punctuation for the rest of the week.

  3. Hahahahahaha. Mike, I have to say I love everything about this site, especially this particular rant. I, too, am of the opinion that if you're going to criticize then have the balls to sign your work. And seriously, what kind of idiot challenges the vocabulary of an English prof. It boggles the mind. Anyways, I'm sure this post will keep me smiling all day.