Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Josh and Caleb...coming around to the end

I can't access my website. Go figure, but somewhere in the midst of all the OS switching and wrangling with my computer this past year I lost the password, and my Dreamweaver isn't working properly to boot. So thank goodness for the blog. I've been working at finishing up the color art for the line drawings I did 3 years ago. What a hiatus. But I vowed I'd finish what I started with Josh and Caleb, so here's the next image, until I can get my web woes sorted out. For those who've never had the chance to peruse it's the link to the webcomic that started my online presence.


  1. Woo HOO! About @#$@#$ time! I've been waiting to see the end of J&C for a loooooooong while.

    I wave at you from the Desert of the Real, and I still want 7df shirt.

  2. bout damn time!

    up next: Ezekiel! haha. no, please spare us.

  3. nice! i like the shadows on the forearms. how's the wacom treating ya?