Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Unlimited Article

It hasn't hit the newsstands yet, but it's on the world wide web.

Back in early fall, I got a phone call from Dan Rubenstein, the editor for Unlimited Magazine, a new periodical from Venture Publishing Inc. He wanted to do an article on how traditional faiths were trying new approaches; in the course of our conversation, he asked me if I'd ever written anything. When I said yes, he asked if I'd be interested in writing an article about my own experience as a pastor and a rock musician.

What a crazy opportunity. No one ever asks a minister to tell his story in a magazine that featured Extreme Fighting in its first issue. And if they do, they usually ask someone like Leonard Sweet. I can't really express how grateful I've been for the opportunity to tell this part of my story. And in such a public forum.

You can read the article over here. And if you see Unlimited when you're at Chapters...you can read it there too. But I'm sure all the folks over at Venture would appreciate it if you purchased it first.

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