Monday, October 22, 2007

Shaun of the Dead - DVD review - 9/10

A terrific zombie film that is more a tribute than satire, albeit a tremendously funny one at times. While it contains a score of intertextual references to the "Z" genre, it belongs to it by its own right; after all, it is the only romantic comedy of the bunch! Although the comedy never lets up, the film is surprisingly touching and thrilling at points. Simon Pegg's everyman hero is very endearing, and once he's wielding that cricket bat, we're cheering for him to the very end. Great, gory fun.


  1. Omigod the record throwing scene cracks me up! And when they first find the girl zombie and think she's a drunk and start snapping pics? Damn... but seriously, every time, the record throwing is just plain genius.

  2. Same for me. The record tossing was the laugh out loud moment.