Sunday, October 15, 2006

Someone likes my picture of that Biblical whore...

Got asked if my first rendering of Rahab from the Josh and Caleb webcomic could be used on a blog today. Irony of it was a woman. And she said "your comic of her is exactly how I see her". After all the crap I've taken for my take on was nice to have someone say that. Check it out over at What Donna Learned Today.


  1. I think it's funny that you take flack for your Rahab. She was a prostitute! Do people think that just because she was in the Bible she was a wholesome prostitute? I guess no one warned her that she was going to be in the Bible.

  2. Obviously prostitutes were chaste, and modest, who never cussed or wore reveling clothing. Last time I check we where all born holy and lived out our lives according to modern conservative standards of dress and appropriatness.

    It's a good thing people like this didn't end up in Jesus's linage...oh wait...