Friday, September 08, 2006

Autumn Anarchy and an Anabaptist Article

My apologies for the lack of posting over the month of August. My two speaking engagements at camps were in places where the Internet access was first just slow and then nearly non-existent. I could hardly stay logged on at the one camp long enough to check email let alone post anything. We have many photos of Gunnar from those two weeks, and I'll be posting them at the main site next week.

School has started, and it's going to be a hella busy fall for me. I'm still working at Holyrood in a part time capacity, but have been granted a Graduate Teacher's Assistantship at the University (no details yet) of Alberta where I'm doing full time studies in Comparative Literature. I'm working towards a Thesis-based M.A., which I should complete before the end of 2008.

Some of you have been bugging me that I haven't posted for awhile, so in the meantime here's a transcript and mp3 of me speaking at the Mennonite Church Alberta conference back in March of this past year on the "future of youth ministry". I recommend the mp3, because the transcript was heavily edited for content, but sadly not grammar. Enjoy!

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  1. So, you're sharing page space with Josh MacDowell? Those crazy mennonites...
    Glad to hear that you are still stirring the pot. It is scary how youth work has become about programmes and less and less about biblical truth. How do you communicate with a whole group of sugar-hyped, ritalin doped, non-existant-attention-span kids? I'll let you know if I ever figure it out but I have a sneeking suspicion that it involves loving kids and actually building relationships with them. Maybe then they might be interested in why we do and say thing things we do. It wouldn't hurt adults either to admit that they don't know or that they make decisions based on their own limited understanding once in a while.
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